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Sense of nature

Lorelei Stumbo

Fire sculpted art


Eco-friendly art

Sometimes called "Junk Art" these eco-friendly artworks consist of anything from sun-bleached branches to door knobs to old jewlery to strips of fabric from discarded clothing. Going one step further Lorelei tries to assemble these pieces without the use of toxic adhesives.


     "I’m near sighted. I like to get up close and personal with visual details. So, the ground, generally being the closest thing to me visually, fascinates me. The intricate and organic patterns in pavement, cement, dirt, and plant and insect life can be engrossing. Often gazing at the road in front of me I tend to see and collect small, lost items while I walk. I am fascinated with the shapes, forms, and details of these items, not their utility."
This attraction to small items led to collecting beads. To exploit the beauty intrinsic in the “flawed” appearance of natural beads I have developed a sculptural technique to create human and animal figures. These figures manifest individually as spirit dolls like my pieces “Rasta man” and “Fan Dancer” or are incorporated into found objects pieces.
     "The attraction to detailed patterns in nature might explain my affinity with burnt wood art. An artist in Normal, Illinois introduced me to a several step technique of burning wood that result in organic, non-representational sculpture. In my current work I have adapted this technique using 'found wood', construction scraps, and demolition waste which is already weathered and misshapen, to make intricately dimensional pieces that can stand on their own or serve as an environment with found objects."

spirit talismans

Lorelei Stumbo